My amazing friend Jo

I lost my dearest friend Jo in December 2015 when she lost her battle to a brain tumour. This was Jo’s second brain tumour. She had fought and won a battle with her first brain tumour many years before and lived her life to the fullest as a consequence; working in China and Thailand and travelling all over Asia for many many years. Jo was a Drama teacher and in every way possible she was one of the best teachers I have ever known, touching the lives of all students and teachers that she worked with. She had her first child, baby girl Lola in July 2014 and was the happiest Mummy I have ever seen. Jo fought to stay and celebrate Lola’s first birthday, but when she died, she left behind her one year old baby girl.

Jo was one of the most caring, kind, intelligent, beautiful, funny and all round amazing people I have ever met and I will miss her forever. Her family are now helping to raise money for Brain Tumour Research so that at some point, hopefully, in the near future, someone like Jo can be saved from this devastating disease.

My way of offering any help that I can has been to start up this website and start writing my own patterns. I am asking for donations for my free patterns and any payments made for my paid patterns will be donated to Jo’s charity. If you like and use my website and patterns, please feel free to donate a little something to Brain Tumour Research using the link below. We would be so grateful. Thank you so much.




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