Crochet Eiffel Tower Mermaid Tail Blanket

This is the only Crochet Eiffel Tower Mermaid Tail in the world!! ❤️💙🇫🇷😆. Made in collaboration with Miss Sofei’s studio in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

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Sofei contacted me saying that she loved my projects and was interested in working with me to promote handmade, creative products, made in Hong Kong by parents. Sofei asked if I could make a mermaid tail in the shape of an Eiffel Tower. As I’ve said before, I love a challenge, but I was a little stumped by this one. I searched the Internet for any Eiffel Tower, crochet items and they were very few and far between, let alone a mermaid tail with a crochet Eiffel Tower. Finally I found a graphical pattern of a crochet Eiffel Tower here on a blog called Crochet Plaisir. I have never followed a graphical pattern before and so I had to practice quite a bit to get it right and my first attempt looked like this:


This was ok, but I really wanted it to look s realistic as possible and my husband was telling me that the feet of the tower were not wide enough and that the tower did not slope steeply enough. This is when I had to put all of my crochet knowledge into action and trial and error a new pattern until it was just right. I am really pleased with the results and I was confident enough with it to put it into a business full of French natives :). I made the tail following MJ’s off the Hook pattern for an infant as usual using an acrylic/wool blend super bulky yarn for the tail, 2 strands of worsted weight acrylic for the fin and all 3 worsted weight colours held together for the edging. The Eiffel Tower was crocheted out of the same super bulky yarn as the tail.

I had the pleasure to meet Sofei at her wonderful and inviting studio last week. Sofei runs a business that is very close to my heart, teaching babies and toddlers French. With a French husband and 2 bilingual French toddlers, and knowing how difficult it is to find other French speakers on Hong Kong for my children to practice with, I am in full support of her business. Sofei has many years experience in teaching, baby signing and baby massage and has many creative ideas. For summer, we are running a collaboration project, where my crochet items are being placed in Sofei’s studio for the children and Mum’s to experience.


Please take a look at her website and our project here at!cool-products/uhh42 and Facebook page here:

In the coming weeks, I will be making a floor pouf for the studio that the children can use to put their shoes on and a hanging basket. Watch out for these posts very soon.

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