Mermaid Beach Bag Towel – Turning it from a tail into a bag

Turning the Mermaid Beach Bag Towel into a bag took a bit of practice and so here are some photos demonstrating how I do it. I did it in 3 different styles, backpack, handbag 1 and handbag 2. I hope they help.

Backpack and Handbag 1

1. With the back of the towel facing you, Fold over the top.


2. Now fold over once more, down to the top of the sewn section.


3. Now comes the tricky part of getting all of the bulk of the towel into the pocket. Fold over again, but this time as you fold, insert each side into the pocket. Now try to shuffle all of the towel to the bottom of the pocket so that you have something that looks like the second photo below.

image  image

4. Once all of the towel is in the pocket, you can fasten the button from the inside of the back of the towel through to the front.

image  image

5. Now lay the tail out with the front facing you and then fold the fin over to meet the button and pull the button through the centre of the fin.

image  image

6. You can then pull both ends of the fins over to the button and secure all together.

image  image   image

7. The bag should now look like this. You can use this as it is as a backpack by slipping arms through the holes or you can attach the cord by pulling through and knotting as below to make it into a handbag.

image image image

8. This is the finished style of handbag 1.


Handbag 2

9. The second style starts exactly the same and follows the same process up to number 5, photo 1. After that follow from below. This time fold the fin up behind the bag.


10. Now fold both sides of the fin across and button through. See photos for where to place the button.

image   image

11. You now need to tuck the tips of the fin inside the bag as shown below. Then you can insert the cord as with the previous style.

image  image    image

12. This is the finished result of handbag 2.


This process gets much easier and faster with practice and your little ones and you will love carrying the towel around in its stylish bag, which will always attract compliments and has an extra special story behind it.

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