I Love a Challenge – Princess Leia Crochet Hair


A lady asked me to make her newborn daughter ‘Princess Leia hair’. My first instinct when unusual requests fall into my inbox, is to say ‘Yes, of course!’ as quickly as possible…….and then panic a little when I realise that I have never seen a pattern for the item and it is way out of my comfort zone. I had exactly the same reaction to a request for ‘Yoda ears’, which actually turned out really well, after I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked, so I pulled together a basic beanie pattern and sewed two rabbit ears on either side.

This time I did find a perfect pattern at Hopefulhoney.com. This is a free pattern and it is so wonderfully easy to follow. Instead of a super bulky yarn, I used two strands of a bulky acrylic from ice yarns.com and a 9mm hook. I made the beanie part of the hair in about 10 minutes and I thought I would be all done in an hour, but when I went to bed at midnight and I still wasn’t done, it seems that the two side buns were a little trickier. I followed the 0-3 month pattern for a 3 month old baby, with a 32.5cm head and I adjusted the two buns slightly by cutting lengths of 50cm yarn instead of the 38 inches as suggested in the pattern. Because I had used a lesser weighted yarn, I also had to cut 30 lengths instead of 15.

But all in all, it took me about 2 hours and I think it turned out wonderfully. Thank you Olivia at Hopeful Honey for the pattern.



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